Part 2

    When he arrives at the meeting place with Kevin and the Drammer brothers he stares closely at the one who came up with this plan. Kevin was small for his age and only spoke when he felt it to be important. With deep-set eyes and pale skin he seemed to be near to death. Yet everyone followed his orders with a respect that no one in the Scavenger’s gang could demand without a show of brute force.
    Then Johnathan realized that the signal had been given to put the plan in action. The Drammer brothers suddenly slammed against the door to the large house. It belonged to a thrifty merchant named Pavel who had worked his way up into a higher standard of living in recent years. He still lived close to the slums though and that made him very cautious. The boys had begun a fight in which they threw heavy fists at one another, though not quite hard enough to do serious damage. Suddenly the door burst open and the merchant strode forward with a shiny sabre in his hand.

Part 1

    The streets are getting colder now. Johnathan can feel the warmth leaving his fingers and the cold grip him through his threadbare clothing. His feet sting with every step, but he needs to keep moving. It’s the only way that he can pay his dues to the Scavengers Gang this week so he has somewhere that he can stay. Normally he would’ve panhandled the last few coins he needed, but this wasn’t enough now that the chills were strong enough to keep people off the streets. If he was older he might try mugging a man or two, but being only ten years old he had little choice in how he would get the money. He reminds himself that all he has to do is wait for the distraction and get into the house, the next part was simple.